Find Out Why You Must stick To The Plan In Order Build Muscle

By Arthur Bertinus
Confused-woman1There is a lot of conflicting information and lies when it comes to muscle building, supplements and diet additions.  The secret to gaining weight and muscle doesn’t lie in seeing how many calories you can consume in a day or finding out just how much exercise you can do in a day. Mostly, all you are going to get is an upset stomach and aching muscles. And rather than gain weight and muscle, you will just lose your motivation.

There are two tools that you must have if you are to be successful in your weight and muscle gain program. You need knowledge, and you need a doable plan. On this website why I can’t lose weight you will find the right information for you to make the right start.

Why the right information is crucial for your muscle building success
–  To discover the proper technique of lifting and spotting for your body.
–  With the right information you will be able to put a program together for you own needs.
–  In your effort to attempt to eliminate intimidation in the gym, because you don’t look fit as others do or according to your own judgment the perfect “body shape”.
–  With the right information you see exercises as a lifetime activity and as a necessary part of fitness.

Often people will go out, buy an expensive gym membership, and start drinking whatever high-calorie, vitamin and mineral supplement drink the gym is promoting without having the first clue about what causes weight gain and what causes muscles to develop.I’m not saying that you shouldn’t join a gym, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t drink those high-calorie, vitamin and mineral supplement drinks. I’m just saying that you need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Protein and water are basic needs for your muscle growth
Blake B. Rasmussen (2014), shed new light on how unique combinations of proteins, as opposed to single protein sources, are important for muscle recovery following exercise and help extend amino acid availability, further promoting muscle growth. Functions of proteins include support, protection, catalysis, transport, defense, regulation, and movement.

Work-out65 % of the human body is water
Water is very important part of muscle building. Water keeps your organs functioning properly, clears toxins, reduces excess sodium from your body, and it hydrates your muscle cells. It even liberates fat stores on your body so they are burned off as an energy source. The water formula is 2 Hydrogen’s and 1 oxygen, you need to make sure that you maintain sufficient water in your system so that you don’t get dehydrated.

How not to gain weight that can damage your health
Weight gain happens for only one reason. That reason is that a person is eating more calories than they are expending through activity. There are, of course, medical conditions that can prevent weight gain no matter what your in-out calorie ratio is, and it is a very good idea to first be checked by a doctor just to rule out any medical problem.

The idea is to eat a well-balanced diet with an emphasis on protein rather than carbohydrates. A LOW-carb diet is NOT recommended. You need BOTH Protein and carbohydrates, but you do need to consume more calories from high-protein foods than from high-carbohydrate foods.

Weight training exercises do not burn as many calories as aerobic exercise. You need to focus most of your workout time on weight-training exercises rather than on high-energy exercises that are designed to strengthen the heart.

Serena Williams 1Don’t act but think as a bodybuilder or athlete
Must often when you hear people talk about muscle or muscle building, they always refers to how it looks, never how it feels or makes them feel.

The world class athletes and bodybuilders like Serena Williams, Churandy MartinaTirunesh Dibaba, Usain Bold and Egberton Winklaar. These sport man and women master the art of knowing every part of their body every muscle. They know how to move, when to rest which exercises is the best fit for their body. They can feel and know how their muscle works and how to use their muscle to achieve their goals.

Just going through the motions won’t cut it. You need to feel your abs tighten, your glutes fire as you drive your knees out, and your upper back squeeze to keep your chest up. Learning to feel muscles work ingrains good movement habits, which carry over to the field.

What is your gym attributes
If you want training facility for your program there are some basic rules to apply for your safety and others. You must wear shoes, elastic or drawstring waist shorts or sweats, shirt or sweat top that covers midriff. Zippers, buttons, buckles or any other objects that can damage the upholstery are not acceptable.

Don’t just get up and start, please take your warm up exercise serious
A warm-up is designed to prepare your body for a specific task, for your muscle or set of muscles for intense exercise. The specific purpose of a warm-up is to increase the temperature of your muscle and joint gradually by dilating the blood vessels in the muscle and joint area, which allows your body for a greater flow of oxygenated blood.

When you set up your routines, you should only have to warm-up for the first exercise. A general guideline for warming up is to first spend 5-10 minutes of general movement, such as jogging, but involving those muscles about to be exercised as much as possible.

This can be accomplished by performing the specific movement to be done with a very light (20%) load and then some light stretching. Move up to a 50% load and do some more stretching. This should be sufficient to prepare the muscle(s) for the lift.

All weights or equipment that you use should be put back on trees or racks when you are finished with an exercise or follow the instruction of your coach. Weights should never be left on the floor or lifting bars.

The best motivation is success. Keep a journal, and chart your progress.

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